Ulrich H. Wiegand, President of I.O., Inc.

(formerly Interordnance of America L.P.)

Uli Wiegand is from Witten, Germany (near Düsseldorf) but has lived in Monroe, North Carolina, since 1996. He is the President of IO, Inc., which has been in business for nearly 15 years as an importer of collectible firearms, parts, ammunition and accessories.

From importing collectibles to manufacturing high-quality firearms here in America

In recent years, IO found the supply of collectibles diminishing and, during the same time, noticed that the quality of foreign-manufactured firearms had declined. In order to continue to supply its distributors and other customers with the highest quality products, IO began manufacturing its own pistols and rifles right here in the United States. Two of IO’s products include the Hellcat .380 automatic pistol and the AK Sporter Rifle.

Currently, IO employs 25 people, and is an integral member of the local, Charlotte-area community. IO proudly counts among its customers individuals, private American distributors, and the United States Government.

Uli Wiegand’s Recent Blog Posts

From time to time, Uli posts here about IO, Inc., IO products, and gun safety.  You can see a list of recent popular posts to the right.

Contact Uli

If you have questions about I.O., Inc. products, you can contact Uli directly by emailing him from the Contact Uli page.