I.O. Inc.’s new AR-15 A1

January 16, 2013

Jeff Quinn of GunBlast.com interviews Uli Wiegand on I.O., Inc.’s New AR-15

At I.O., Inc.’s booth at the 2013 SHOT Show, Jeff Quinn stopped by to ask what I.O. was up to in 2013.

I.O.’s New Sporter-15

As I.O.’s Sporter-15 Flyer points out,

“this AR-15 is a faithful reproduction of the weapons that were carried by American forces in Vietnam. Our rifles incorporate a brand new American-made barrel and lower receiver: everything else is all original Colt A1.”

Excerpts from the Interview

“A lot of ARs are getting too heavy. Originally, the AR was a light-weight weapon and I’m glad to see you doing the A1 style.”

– Jeff Quinn

“A lot of customers approached us, especially the Vietnam generation, and they want basically their service rifle. We thought, everybody has the flat tops, and we decided to go back to the original A1 style.”

– Uli Wiegand

Sporter-15’s Key Features

The Sporter-15’s key features include

  • The reliable A1 signts
  • Original Mags and
  • A Full birdcage flash hider.

Where to buy a Sporter-15

Please check them out at our distributors or your local gun dealer.

Ulrich H. Wiegand, Interordnance, I.O., Inc.






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