I.O., Inc. & Hellcat .380 II – Always Improving our Firearms Products

March 16, 2012

At I.O., Inc., we are always looking for ways to improve our firearm products. So, in the summer of 2011, we looked at how we could improve the Hellcat .380. We re-examined everything, including

  • Engineering and Design,
  • Manufacturing Techniques and Processes, and
  • Quality Control.

Re-Engineered Hellcat Extractor & Other Parts & Manufacturing Processes

One issue we had was with the Hellcat extractor.  We wanted to increase its quality even more. So, I had it completely re-engineered. We changed the extractor’s design, its material, and the way we manufacture it. Some of our changes include

  1. improved location and angle of the extractor
  2. better raw materials; and
  3. a better machining process.

Another improvement to the Hellcat was to upgrade our barrel supplier. We just weren’t getting high enough quality for our customers. So, we switched vendors, again, increasing the Hellcat’s quality.

Improved Quality Control

We put the Hellcat through its paces before it leaves our door.  Every single Hellcat gets tested by several different I.O. employees, including test-firing at our own range.

If a Hellcat doesn’t pass, it is completely stripped down and rebuilt using all new parts.

I.O., Inc. & Hellcat are Always Improving

The original Hellcat was a huge hit and got great reviews. Now, the Hellcat II has even better tolerances and so you get an even better handgun, which is still 100% made in America. As a result of these and other improvements, we are able to provide our customers with an even higher quality .380 auto,  still at a very reasonable price. And we will press on and continue to improve the Hellcat and all of our firearms products.

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To help you keep up with Hellcat’s improvements, reviews, and stories from our American manufacturing floor, we now have free email updates from the Hellcat’s own website, Hellcat380.com. So, every time we post a new story or review there, you can get a very short email, with a direct link to that post. To sign up, you should click here.

Ulrich H. Wiegand, Interordnance, I.O., Inc.


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