The New Inter Ordnance

September 16, 2014

Thank you for logging onto my site. I simply want to update you all what is happening at I.O.INC.

We decided to go back to Inter Ordnance. The new Inter Ordnance is located at Florida`s space coat.

We took advantage of the vast qualified labor pool of those once worked for NASA and its contractors. We also employ many veterans who served in the Army, Marine Corps and National Guard. We are thankful and proud of their service not only to our country but to Inter Ordnance as well.

In the summer of 2013, we relocated to Florida.  With the transition to the Space Coast, we have been able to hire top quality engineers and assembly personnel.  Inter Ordnance has invested heavily in new production and manufacturing equipment, as well as training policies and procedures for both assembly and customer service, in order to provide the highest quality manufacturing and service.

Our rifles go through a vigorous quality control inspection process after assembly.  Every rifle we make is test fired and then checked for blemishes or imperfections by three different technicians (two gunsmiths and one manager).  After quality control our rifles are sent directly to our shipping department and go out to our distributors and later to our customers.

To serve the end user better, we are distributing our products through major distributors to provide wider availability. That means that our customers have better access to our goods through this vast distribution, dealer network.

Purchasing Inter Ordnance Incorporated firearms assures that you are buying quality made in our U.S. homeland with qualified U.S. labor. Our staff is committed to manufacturing high quality firearms, as well as efficient and professional customer service.

If you have any suggestions, comments or criticism good or bad, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your interest,


Uli Wiegand

CEO Inter Ordnance INC.

Please call our offices at 321-499-3819 to get your personal login. Prior to this please fax or email your FFL. Fax: 321-499-3822 or email to (If you are already a Distributor, please call for your new log in information. Dealers please contact your favorite distributor or view our current distributor list found here.

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